Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013


New Year Casting

Midwinter’s Night

December 23, 2012

After biding farewell to the Autumn sun
When the kids are well fed
And are now safe in their bed
A witch’s work is to be done

For you see, I am a wife and a mother
But i have answer the Gods call
And alone in the dark after nightfall
I become their priestess, their magic worker

It is Midwinter’s Night
The longest night of the year
The long-awaited Sabbath is here
May my candles burn strong and bright

Honored ancestors and spirits of old
The Gods are asked to join me
I dance and spin in a maddened frenzy
Outside of time, until dawns of gold

I leave the old and greet the new
Chanting, singing, incense burning
Giving carefully prepared offering
And lots of libations too

As the wheel turns on and on
A candle will be left burning
Awaiting the sun’s returning
A new cycle, a new season

–Mana Hedgewitch, 2012


Happy Zombi Apocalypse… or not.

December 21, 2012

So, we are still here! Great! I was too busy preparing for Yule to worry about the end of the world anyway : baking cookies, doing some crafts with the kids, making mulled wine and eggnog, cooking the rabbit stew, taking time to meditate during the Unify movement, cleaning and decorating the altar…

I know I’ve been quiet lately. Not much has been happening around here and there aren’t many people reading this blog anyway. Maybe I’m just boring. I will try to update more often, I promise.

So I wish everyone a Merry Winter Solstice! Time to get everything ready for tonight’s ritual!

Yule Tree

Samhain and the Veil.

November 9, 2012

So Samhain came and went… The weekend before we were in Ottawa for our 8th wedding anniversary where my husband and I attended the Witches Ball. The day of the Sabbath was spent cleaning and redecorating the altar, carving the pumpkin (I’m awful at it, I promise I’ll try to do better next year!), baking bread, pumpkin pie, soul cakes, spiced cider and preparing the

Feast with the Dead. This year, the menu was Porto jelly glazed pork and wild rice with mushrooms and peas. We went trick-or-treating with the kids and when they were finally tucked in for the night, offerings and prayers were make. Now, time to get back into the routine.

Here’s a picture of my Samhain altar, and a story about a journey through a desert on the other side of the veil :











I found myself standing in a desert, under the blazing sun, though I could not feel the heat. Sand was all around me, but up ahead, the horizon was blocked by a wall of cliffs and at it’s base, an oasis was surrounded by palm trees. This was where I needed to go. I reached the shade of the trees rather quickly, but stopped dead in my tracks and hid behind a tree. I was not alone.

Up ahead, near the dark waters of a pond, stood a very weird-looking creature. Smaller than a human being, it looked like a strange monkey wearing a turtle shell. It was guarding the oasis and had not seen me yet. What was so special about this place that needed to be protected? That’s when I saw it. On the other side of the pond, a dark tunnel had been dug in the wall of the high cliffs. I continued to observe the strange creature who seemed quite bored with its job and had begun to roll around in the sand only to get stuck on it’s back (it was wearing a turtle shell, after all!).

I took the opportunity to make a run for the entrance of the cave. The middle of the dark tunnel was flooded by a still river feeding the desert pond, forcing me to stand on the foot-wide path, keeping my back against the sharp wall shining with humidity. I was dark, but somehow I could see very well as I walk deeper into the belly of the earth. I could hear a soft rumbling up ahead before daylight pierced the darkness.

I had emerged  on the other side and was greeted by the marvellous sight of the ocean waves crashing on a sandy beach. If it wouldn’t have been low tide, the water would have reached the cave for sure, flooding it completely. I was surrounded by the walls of rocks at my back and the sea before me. The salty breeze was caressing my face and playing with my hair as I walked on the deserted beach, near the water where a spark caught my eyes among the seaweed. I discovered two large oval-shaped seashells that looked like inside-out abalone shell because the green and purple nacre was on the outside instead. I carefully picked them up and continued my walk until I reached an alcove in the cliff walls, where a simple altar was set up. I gently laid the seashells on it and prayed to the gods and spirits, thanking them for allowing me to visit this wonderful place. After that, I quickly walked back through the tunnel, not wanting to get caught by the rising tide, and to the desert and back.

A Witch Ladder

September 28, 2012

I mentioned bringing back some raw wool from the Ulverton Wool Mill.

I managed to make a string with it (having NO experience in wool spinning, honestly, I really don’t know what I was doing…), and with the feathers my daughters gathered from the farm, I made a simple witch ladder!


It’s just one of the many projects I’ve been working on lately…

Wisdom from the river spirit…

September 14, 2012

What happens when we stop fighting and follow our guts and instincts?

Wonderful things happen.

Destiny happen.

Let go of your doubts and let the current take you wherever it goes.

Just follow the flow.

The riverside

September 12, 2012

Well, this was a busy month and a half. Now that the kids are finally back to school (and that the youngest one got strep throat after only 5 days of being back to school), I can finally sit down and write… though I should probably study instead, I’m falling being on that too.

My husband and I attended Kaleidoscope Gathering at the beginning of August. It seem like it’s getting bigger and bigger each year! I think it was the 5th or 6th time we attended this festival, but I went to a few workshop for the first time. We really enjoyed it and had a wonderful time!

I really miss going for walks in the woods, which I tend to avoid during the mosquitoes season. After a few days of autumn-like weather, the heat came back. This morning, I took my camera and left the cool shade of the ash trees and crab-apple trees sheltering my home as I went for a walk by the side of the river.  I was greeted by the cry of wild geese and the dragonflies and wasps were buzzing all around me, undisturbed by the non-existent breeze and the heavy humidity. It was so peaceful. I eventually snapped a few pictures and promise myself that I would come back more often to get to know the spirit of this river better. It will be a good place to leave offerings… But for now, here’s some pictures: